This site is about the hostile takeover of – Ukraine’s largest site for parents. 

Klumba was set up by Dima Dubina and Natasha Zueva as a family business in 2008 after their son was born. In 2010 they sold a 50% stake in the company to Andrey Horsev and Aleksey Ivankin, co-founders of company.

After a bitter six-month conflict, Horsev and Ivankin conducted a takeover on September 16,  2013. They took advantage of Dima’s and Natasha’s absence in the country and long trusting relationship and changed passwords to the servers and databases, as well as payment details on the site.

Unfortunately, Dubina and Zueva made many mistakes while registering a partnership. The company was not established properly, and investors gained control of its assets as they seized the company taking advantage of trusting relationship with partners.

These mistakes and inadequate regulation of online business in Ukraine impede any civilized resolution. 

We have created this site in order to spread the word about the deeds of self-styled Ukrainian business angels Horsev and Ivankin. Be cautious when working with them.



October 2013 - Dubina releases monthly results that show Horsev and Ivankin took over only for full control of the company. They have done nothing to assist in selling their partners' stake. Neither did we see any signs of further project development. 

October 2013 - Dmitry Trofimenko refuses to buy Zueva and Dubina’s stake and sends the following letter to Horsev:

"I am not interested in buying a stake in LLC that owns nothing".

September – October 2013 - Horsev meets with a potential buyer of the partners’ share, Dmitry Trofimenko, several times. Horsev refuses to present financial report for September or any other information about the project, though Mr Trofimenko presents a general power of attorney from Dubina and Zueva.

Horsev declines to take any action to transfer the company’s assets to joint LLC. 

September 2013 - Horsev and Ivankin change passwords to the site’s administrative section and Google Analytics, ban access to Dubina’s and Zueva’s personal accounts on Klumba.

September 19 – Dubina flies back to Ukraine to meet a potential buyer of his stake, Dmitry Trofimenko.

September 16, 2013 - Horsev and Ivankin send Dubina and Zueva a letter notifying them of a takeover, while they are by the sea with their children.

Horsev and Ivankin change passwords to databases, servers, domains, change payment details on the site. 

Horsev declares he is acting in the company’s interests, and gives lots of other false comments like the following one: 

"We still own 50% in OOO Klumba, like Dima and Natasha own their 50%. I am the director of this OOO and acting in the company’s best interests."

May 2013 - after fruitless negotiations the parties sign an additional agreement about cutting expenses and equal distribution of the entire profit among partners.

March 2013 - start of the conflict. The parties disagree over further development of the company.

Early 2012 – attempt to sell the entire project. A potential buyer estimates it at $2 mln but is keen to acquire only the controlling stake, 51%. 

September 2010 - Horsev and Ivankin buy 50% of Klumba.

The parties sign a memorandum – agreement about co-operation principles. 

Under the deal, Horsev and Ivankin are to pay the founders $24,000 during the year and invest $100,000 in the development by their own company, Thus, Aleksey Ivankin starts to control Klumba’s technical section.

Natasha hands ТМ and domain over to the established  Klumba.UA LLC, where four co-owners hold 25% each.

May 2010 – Natasha takes possession of ТМ Klumba. The site moves to 

September 2009 – article on about ways to gain profit from Klumba. Klumba is a profitable family business.

April 2008 - Dubina and Zueva set up a site Klumba finds its first client in three months.