A Month after takeover

A month elapsed since Klumba was taken over by Andrey Horsev and Aleksey Ivankin. Much has happened since then.

Let’s recall how the takeover took place.

On September 16, taking advantage of our absence, Horsev and Ivankin took over the company.

September 16 https://www.facebook.com/dima.dubina/posts/10151712117699563

September 17 https://www.facebook.com/dima.dubina/posts/10151713410394563

September 18 https://www.facebook.com/dima.dubina/posts/10151716471699563

What Happens to the Conflict

At this time potential buyers of our stake get in touch with me. They sound serious, and I take the next flight to Ukraine, leaving my family in Turkey.

The buyers get in touch with Horsev and Ivankin with the general power of attorney on hand and try to get the information about what they are going to purchase. They want to get all assets transferred to one legal entity (including all payments, servers, domain etc.).

Besides, the buyers would like to see a cash flow statement for the period since September 16 and a development plan.

Horsev and Ivankin decline to give any information but propose they buy our share. At the first meeting with the buyers they estimate their share at $1.24 mln, then - $700,000. They were ready to acquire our stake for $300,000 but a couple of days ago announced the price dropped to $200,000 (I am afraid after a couple of talks I will have to pay them so that they take our share once more). The reason of this difference is as simple as that: the technical section is difficult to hand over.

Again: according to Horsev and Ivankin, their 50% is three times as expensive as ours. They have estimated the technical section that brought them a share in Klumba and monthly payments at $500,000.

The buyers still insist all assets are to be transferred to LLC and demand a transparent management policy. Without success.

What Happens to Us

Meanwhile, Horsev and Ivankin block our access to any information about Klumba step by step.

1) We have no access to the administrative section, where we could see the company’s approximate turnover from various sources.

2) They change Google Analytics code on the site.

3) Our accounts lose moderator functions.

4) We have no access to AdSense.

5) The last and the most ridiculous – they ban our Klumba accounts.

Not to mention that we have seen no cash flow statement for the month.

What Happens to Klumba

A tiny amount really goes to LLC. The rest moves to:

- Horsev’s personal account,

- US company 908.inc account,

- “Pravilnye Reshenia LLC” - another Horsev's and Ivankin's company.

Horsev and Ivankin get to know how the project is operating from our employees, as none of the two has ever been involved in Klumba’s activities.

Users complain in private messages to me and Natasha but nobody answers them. Mostly, money is debited from users’ phone or card accounts but does not reach the site.

Horsev and Ivankin do not answer these complaints. Their sole reaction is to ban our accounts, so that we do not see these complaints.

Here is one of users’ numerous posts http://klumba.ua/club/post-60243/. I wonder how many e-mail complaints remain unanswered.


Yesterday one of the buyers failed the last attempt to have a constructive dialogue with Horsev and Ivankin.

According to Horsev and Ivankin, I have squandered all of the company’s assets (that is the rented office and 13 tables) in Kiev. They do not consider the code, databases, servers, and customer and user bases the Internet-company’s assets, so they are not going to make any efforts to transfer all this to “Klumba.Ua LLC”.

For our buyers to get a stake in the project, not in LLC with an authorized fund of 1,000 hryvnias (about $120), too much is to be expended on lawyers, which is unfeasible.

Obviously, our money is not sufficient for a legal fight. Three law companies that have familiarized themselves with our documents and story could give no guarantees or plans.

We continue to seek ways out. One of them is simply to sell our stakes for a nominal amount to someone who has enough power and experience to get anything in this situation.